About Us

How did we start

CRB was started some 60 years ago manufacturing and constructing primarily agricultural buildings.

What do we now

CRB now produce a wide range of steel framed, metal clad commercial buildings from the very small to the very large, as well as multiple units for industrial and retail parks .We can also undertake the fit out of these buildings if required.

Current strategy

We continue with the one off bespoke units and are actively constructing large numbers of units for clients in Newhaven, Uckfield, Hailsham and Eastbourne.

We operate in the South East for efficiency of price and construction, but can work outside this region. We have recently completed a new business park in Watford.

Why we are unique

We are able to offer engineering and architect design via our preferred partners, as well as soil reports, ground works, steel frame and cladding, windows and doors and interior fit out, coordinated under one roof. We have our own plant and labour. These combined services are unique in the industry. The global approach creates effective projects and achieves high quality end products. Our pricing structures are also very reasonable, and we can do this because we don’t carry large overhead and are not driven by the need to produce inflated profit margins.


We are a small team dedicated to the success of the business, .We offer the best service we can to the client and we like to discuss projects with clients prior to any design or planning being undertaken so that they can benefit from our considerable experience and expertise and by so doing eliminate waste.

After sales service

Once we have completed and handed over a site or building , we do not disappear. If there are problems , additions required or changes to be made, then we are there, dealing with it. No arguments, no delays, no fuss.


This is probably the most important part of our business. We communicate properly to ensure that nothing if forgotten or glossed over. We make sure the clients get what they want. This is done at all levels from site supervisor to the owner of the business. We talk face to face, use the telephone and back up via email.

How we get our business

We rarely do competitive tendering. Our business comes from recommendation and repeat business from clients we have worked for in the past. This demonstrates a great deal about the business and the company reputation.

Partner engineer/ architect

We have partnering arrangements in place with a structural engineer and architects we have worked with over many years. They understand us and we understand them This relationship creates uncomplicated cost effective designs which benefit our clients.